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August 2011 Archives

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Washington woman avoids deportation, freed after two years

The topic of immigration seems to be a hot button issue for Washington legislators. In the midst of all the turmoil, many immigrants unfortunately find themselves victimized by the system. However, occasionally there's a story that warms our hearts and exemplifies an immigrant victory. A Tacoma, Washington, woman had been facing deportation back to Mexico, but has now been freed.

Promises of immigration law reform haunt administration

President Obama spoke on immigration law, as well as health and education, in the keynote address before the National Council of La Raza (NCLR) Convention in the District of Columbia last month. He renewed the commitment of his administration to immigration law reform, though some observers noted there have been more deportations under his presidency than any president before him. He offered that his government is enforcing "flawed laws" in the most humane and best possible way. Many in the audience indicated their desire that he use his executive powers to stop the unprecedented number of deportations, more than 1 million since the start of his term.

DC bureaucracy inhibits employment-based immigration efforts

With endless streams of bureaucracy trickling down from legislators in the District of Columbia, farmers all over the nation are facing difficulties. A recent news report highlights some of the problems farmers are having where employment-based green cards is concerned. According to one news report, the up rise of difficulties lead to an uncommon sit down in Washington, D.C.

Revoked license may increase deportation vulnerability for Vargas

Illegal immigration has been a hot top in Washington, D.C. as well as throughout the country. Recently, media frenzy has ensued since the news that prominent undocumented immigrant and writer, Jose Vargas, has had his driver's license revoked. The license revocation comes in the wake of mass social controversy associated a story published in New York Times Magazine. The story highlights the young writer's discovery of his immigrant status at the age of 16, and his journey since that time.

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