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September 2017 Archives

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U.S. to start collecting social media data on immigrants

Maryland readers may be interested to learn that the U.S. Department of Homeland Security has announced plans to begin collecting social media and search results information on all immigrants. The plan was published in the Federal Register on Sept. 18 and will take effect on Oct. 18.

Examining the policy of apprehending undocumented people

Immigration and Customs Enforcement has said that its agents are allowed to dress in plain clothes and not identify themselves before taking undocumented immigrants into custody. This may have an impact on those living in Maryland and elsewhere in the United States. In Brooklyn, four people were taken into custody outside of a courthouse by ICE agents who did not identify themselves. They were also in plain clothes when the incident happened, and scenes such as this one have becoming increasing common.

Supreme Court ruling ends sex discrimination in immigration law

A ruling from the Supreme Court of the United States clarified the process for citizens in Maryland trying to bring the children of unmarried unions into the country. The law governing this process had been established in 1940, and its wording discriminated against fathers. A case representing a man who had been born of a male U.S. citizen brought this issue to light, and the Supreme Court decided that the law clearly discriminated on the basis of sex.

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