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Couples looking to wed can obtain temporary fiancé visa

On Behalf of | Mar 8, 2013 | U.S. Immigration Law |

A wedding announcement issued in the paper recently announced that a young couple will soon exchange vows when the gentleman, born in Scotland and not a U.S. citizen, receives his fiancé visa. Once an individual receives a fiancé visa and enters the country, the couple has 90 days to wed.

In an age where the internet so readily connects individuals, relationships that would have fizzled over distance can be kept alive with video conferencing, instant messaging and email. Sometimes young couples will meet while studying abroad or simply traveling, and can foster a relationship even over long stretches of distance. Whatever the circumstances of a couple’s introduction, American immigration law allows for citizens to obtain temporary visas for a non-citizen which they intend on marrying.

Unfortunately, there have been many occasions in which individuals have attempted to circumvent immigration laws and illegitimately bring individuals into the country under the guise of being engaged. Happenings of this nature can make it more difficult for real couples that are really in love and looking to obtain a fiancé visa.

Often, proof will be necessary to demonstrate the nature of the couple’s relationship and their genuine intent to marry. This can come in the form of past correspondence, or evidence of visits to each other.

An immigration attorney can assist an individual in Maryland in such a pursuit. When a couple is unwilling to let boarders, oceans and miles stand in the way of their marriage, an immigration attorney can be invaluable.

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