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Government steps in to stop deportation

On Behalf of | Aug 2, 2013 | U.S. Immigration Law |

The deportation process can begin for a variety of reasons and can end any number of ways. Recently, the government stepped in to put the deportation process to a stop for a married couple. Anyone in Maryland who may be facing deportation may want to follow the case that making headlines in certain parts of the country.

A couple was headed for deportation after their business was raided. The business was raided as part of raids on businesses that allegedly hired people who were not supposed to be in the country. The couple was charged with and pleaded guilty to criminal impersonation. They worked at a car wash.

The parents were arrested on live television, reportedly witnessed by the couple’s child. The move to stop the deportation process means the couple will get to remain here for now. However, if they commit a crime that is deemed a removable act by authorities, their case can be reopened.

The deportation process can be very complex, especially for those who may not know the language or the laws of Maryland or the federal government very well. The effort to deport does not automatically mean a deportation is imminent and there are no avenues to reverse the process. It is vital for those who may face deportation to understand what constitutes a removable offense. Anyone facing deportation may benefit from inquiring as to what can be done to aid their specific situation and how they may be able to have their deportation halted also.

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