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Family immigration issues lead to protest, request for reform

On Behalf of | Sep 17, 2013 | U.S. Immigration Law |

Many people may think about immigration issues as an individual situation. However, a recent protest brings to light the fact that immigration issues and deportation affects more than just the individual. Maryland immigrants or family members of undocumented people may want to follow the story of the protest and what the protesters are asking for concerning family immigration.

The protest was staged by women who are looking for protection for themselves and their families as immigration reform takes center stage in Congress soon. The undocumented women were arrested at the scene of the protest. They had formed a human chain outside of the Capitol building and had petitions that were delivered to Congress.

The group wanted to highlight what happens to women who are undocumented and face deportation, such as how it affects the family unit. Parents who are undocumented leave behind children when they are detained, and some also deal with other issues such as sexual abuse and workplace abuse when they are undocumented. One organizer stated that 75 percent of all immigrants happen to be women and children. The group also highlighted how children live in fear of their parents being deported.

While the issues related to family immigration remain to be determined by Congress, attempts to draw attention to the issue have been making news all over the country, such as this particular protest. Whenever a Maryland family is facing deportation or has family immigration questions or concerns, it is vital that they get the most up to date information from trusted sources. The changing scope of immigration reform can mean there may be new ways to obtain green cards or keep families together when reform is passed or modified.

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