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Immigration law supporters arrange for march

On Behalf of | Sep 30, 2013 | U.S. Immigration Law |

Those who support immigration reform have been slightly frustrated by the passage of time and lack of action by the United States House of Representatives when it comes to immigration law. In response to the stalled talks and reform and the ever-increasing amount of deportations across Maryland and other states, immigration law advocates are calling for nation-wide marches to spread the word and increase awareness. They hope the marches and recognition of their plight will kick start action on immigration law reform.

According to the recent article, there are roughly 1,000 people deported on a daily basis. Some of these would be able to stay in the country if there was a passage of immigration reform. Those organizing the march say the marches should highlight that these people are part of families who get torn apart by deportation.

There are reportedly 90 cities where organizers are trying to garner support and set the marches of support into action. They point to a massively successful march in 2006. They also want to ensure that those immigrants who participate send out a positive image of today’s immigrant and families.

While there is currently word that immigration law reform might not even be considered again until November, the many immigrant families who are affected by immigration law and reform in Maryland and elsewhere still await progress. By inspiring political activism, the supporters of immigration reform hope to keep attention focused on the issue. Anyone who is concerned about the current laws and also what any new immigration law may mean to them should be sure to find out all of the facts.

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