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Family immigration issues affect Maryland college bound kids

On Behalf of | Oct 23, 2013 | U.S. Immigration Law |

For the children of immigrants who are undocumented, there are certain rights and privileges they simply may not have access to because of the status of their parents. However, there are new programs and opportunities designed to specifically help children with family immigration issues. One such program, the Maryland Dream Act, aims to helps kids get affordable higher education despite their family’s status.

For those who have parents who bring them here as children illegally, those children are unable to qualify for loans and scholarships and may have a hard time getting work permits also. For one particular student benefiting from the law, his parents were denied religious asylum when he was 16. This threw him into the undocumented category. Now, with the benefit of the Dream Act, he has been able to go to college.

Those who use the act to gain access to funds for college are required to apply for citizenship 30 days after being eligible for the tuition funds. The act has its fair share of opposition. Some who are opposed cite the cost and lack of real assurance the college students will get a job out of school and stay in the area to contribute financially.

While the aspects of the act may still draw controversy from some, those who have family immigration issues that may prevent them from accessing funds in other traditional ways may be best served by inquiring more about the Maryland Dream Fund. All family immigration issues in Maryland can prove complex and new laws and regulations are evolving. Staying up to date on your status and any potential benefits is advisable.

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