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Family fights to save dad from deportation

On Behalf of | Nov 12, 2013 | U.S. Immigration Law |

Whenever someone who has come to the country illegally, they may risk deportation if they come to the attention of immigration authorities. Any Maryland immigrants who are concerned about their status may want to follow the case of one man who is facing deportation. The man’s daughters have reached out to help keep him here.

The case involves a man with three kids. The man came to this country 13 years ago and admittedly did so illegally. He and his wife have been running their own business and the man contends they have worked hard to provide a better life for their children. However, he had a fight with his neighbor and that incident drew the attention of authorities who told him he must return to Mexico.

That incident was in 2010 and the man remained here because he says he needs to support his family and see his children grow up. His children have turned to the Internet to garner support for him and plead his case for staying in the country. He plans on turning himself in and is risking immediate deportation.

Each case involving an immigrant can be unique and the outcome typically affects more than just the person facing deportation. If the man in this case fails to fight deportation and has to return to Mexico, there may be a ripple effect in his family. Any Maryland immigrant who is unsure of their status or unsure of how immigration laws may affect their status may find it beneficial to gain an understanding of the applicable laws and how those laws may apply to their case.

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