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New app can help people seeking a green card

On Behalf of | Nov 27, 2013 | U.S. Immigration Law |

Technology has permeated every aspect of modern life. While some technological advances may seem confusing and counterintuitive in the ways of building stronger relationships, there appears to be one app that is garnering attention as it helps truly bring people together. Any Maryland residents who are trying to obtain a green card for a loved may be interested in how this new app is helping others in their green card quest.

The app is called Couple. It is a private social network that works between two people. The private app documents text messages, videos, and photos. There is even a feature that allows couples to exchange what is called thumb kisses, where one sends a print of the other one’s thumb and the phone of that person then vibrates.

The process for obtaining a green card can be complicated and entail the need to prove the validity of a relationship between two people. This app, while intended to be a fun way for couples to communicate, is now being used as way for couples to prove how long and how intimate their relationship is. The creators of the app didn’t think about this type of use but are happy about the app’s success.

The time it takes to get a green card for a loved one so they can reunite in the United States can be daunting, but with innovations such as this app, the process may eventually become smoother. In Maryland, there are countless couples who are relying on traditional documentation to push a green card quest through. It may be beneficial for couples to investigate the use of this app or other newer techniques to benefit their own case. The best first step may be to gain insight into the applicable immigration laws and procedures that impact the application process.

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