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Beauty pageant winner gets visa, possible green card to come?

On Behalf of | Dec 18, 2013 | U.S. Immigration Law |

Any part of the immigration process can be complicated and time-consuming. In order to be granted a visa or green card, those seeking these documents in Maryland or in any other state must go through a specific process. The ability to remain in and work in the United States hinges on the granting of a visa and possibly a green card to stay. Even a beauty pageant winner who needs to travel and work in this country has found a visa is necessary to make it all happen.

Miss Universe is from Venezuela. She has just been granted an O-1 work visa based on her ability and contribution to the arts and her achievements as Miss Universe. With the visa in hand, she will be able to complete her duties as Miss Universe for the year she holds the title.

The lawyer who helped her get the process going has helped others who sought visas based on their contributions to arts and entertainment. He was involved in assisting past Venezuelan Miss Universe winners. His father was also known for famously helping John Lennon and Yoko Ono fight deportation from the United States. The lawyer contends the access to a visa, and later a green card if they want, helps these women pursue their dreams and live up to their duties.

There are many reasons visas are granted to those who want to work in Maryland or another jurisdiction. It may take advice and guidance from a legal professional to help a recent immigrant determine where they may stand in the process and what steps are necessary to achieve their goals. Knowing the criteria and the laws for a visa and green card can benefit anyone wishing to stay and work long-term in the United States.

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