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Woman’s deportation delayed as ICE agrees to review file

On Behalf of | Dec 9, 2013 | U.S. Immigration Law |

Anytime there is the threat or order of deportation, the process isn’t necessarily smooth or quick for the people involved. The legal process and timeline can actually vary greatly depending on the circumstances of the case. Any Maryland parent facing a pending deportation or who has a family member in the middle of the deportation process may want to follow the story of a mom whose case has been delayed.

The case involves a mother from Albania who crossed over the border into the United States in 2000. She did so illegally and sought asylum, saying she had escaped an abusive relationship and could possibly be sold into a life of prostitution if not accepted into asylum. In 2007, her request for asylum was denied.

The woman now has three children born in the United States. Her case was recently reopened, and she was ordered to report to the airport in Detroit to be deported. She defied the order and stayed home with her family. Agents never came to her house to take the 41-year-old mom. However, she suddenly received notice that her case is back under review.

There can be a great deal of emotional upheaval when a family member, especially a parent, is facing deportation. The process of reviewing a case can be very confusing for some. Any Maryland family member who is unsure of their status or what to do about a pending deportation may benefit from knowing the current laws and status of other cases like theirs.

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