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Man’s potential deportation sparks debate

On Behalf of | Feb 6, 2014 | U.S. Immigration Law |

Deportations have been in the news as of late primarily due to federal government debate and potential immigration legislation. Some groups have explicitly called for the deportation of those who are in the United States illegally. However, other groups contend that there should be a pathway to citizenship for those who may have come here illegally but wish to become citizens. Maryland immigrants may be interested in one recent case of a man who admittedly came to the United States illegally and now faces deportation.

The man came here 16 years ago. He has a wife and two teenage children. The man has also had a tax identification number and has reportedly been paying taxes for years. He says he came here as part of an amnesty program and had no way of pursuing legal citizenship without fear of arrest.

Officials were somehow alerted to his situation, and he is now detained and faces possible deportation. A retired law enforcement official has publicly called for the man to be deported and states that, by entering illegally, he should be forced to leave. Others are fighting for the man to stay as they say there is no value or purpose in splitting up a family.

Cases of deportation can be very complicated, and both sides of the issue have a great deal of support. The issue of deportation affects many more people than just the person who may be sent back to their country of origin. Because of the complexities and the far-reaching effects on families and careers, anyone in Maryland who is concerned about possible deportation of themselves or a family member may benefit from knowing the current laws or any impending legislation that may affect their situation.

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