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Court case may mean deportation for reality TV star

On Behalf of | Mar 12, 2014 | U.S. Immigration Law |

When it comes to deportation, there are many reasons why someone may end up having to defend their ability to stay in the country. Currently, in Maryland and elsewhere, deportations are on the rise. For one reality television star, being swept up in a criminal case has meant he may have to face deportation too. The case involves Real Housewives stars Joe and Teresa Giudice.

The couple was in the midst of a criminal case as they tried to defend themselves against charges of fraud. Because Giudice pleaded guilty, he may be looking at a possible prison sentence of up to 46 months in prison. The charges against him are catagorized as an aggravated felony.

Giudice is a currently a citizen of Italy. Because he pleaded to felony charges, the law states he can be removed from the country based on the type of charges he was convicted of. He would have to serve his time in prison for the felony conviction first. Then, the government can choose to pursue a move to deport him if the government decides they wish to have him removed from the country.

The ability to fight deportation after being convicted of a felony crime may be difficult. Anyone in Maryland or elsewhere who is facing legal action in a criminal court and then possible deportation should know their rights. There are options for fighting deportation, but individual situations the level of the crimes a person is facing can play a significant role in how a deportation case may play out.

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