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Man avoids deportation due to son’s condition

On Behalf of | Mar 6, 2014 | U.S. Immigration Law |

Whenever a family member is facing the possibility of being deported, there is naturally a ripple effect on the family and possibly the community as a whole. When someone is deported or detained and awaiting deportation — in Maryland or elsewhere — a family may be left without a parent who is the primary breadwinner. For one family facing the deportation of the patriarch, a son’s health could hang in the balance.

A man was recently released from federal custody where he had been held awaiting deportation. The man was set to be sent back to Honduras after traffic warrants led to his arrest. However, his 7-month-old son has a rare health condition, and the father’s freedom may be the key to helping the young boy.

The child has a condition that could result in the removal of his pancreas, or at least part of it. The rare condition needs to be further explored and treated. This requires genetic testing of the father who was in federal custody. He has been released to do the testing necessary and potentially help his child, but he is being watched by authorities as the testing is done and his deportation case is reviewed.

It is rarely a simply cut and dry process when it comes deportation of a family member for any reason. The complexities and often confusing laws related to immigration and deportation can make it difficult for immigrants and their families to even know what options they may have. Any Maryland family touched by the threat of deportation may benefit from knowing the current laws and regulations and also what options they may have for a defense against being deported.

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