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Green card fraud can result in jail time

On Behalf of | Aug 23, 2014 | U.S. Immigration Law |

For anyone waiting to gain legal status in the United States through the issuance of a green card, the wait and the process can be difficult, confusing and overwhelming. There may be those who tout quicker and easier ways to get a green card and obtain legal status. However, anyone in Maryland who is in the midst of waiting for a green card may want to be leery of anyone advertising the easy or quick way out. A man from a southwestern state recently pleaded guilty to fraud and received a prison sentence for a fake green card operation.

Reportedly 38 years old, he is said to be a native of Mexico. He was prosecuted in federal court for making and selling fake green cards, as well as Social Security cards. He admitted to fabricating and selling the fake items for six years.

The man pleaded guilty to a felony fraud charge. He ended up with a sentence of 15 months of prison time in a federal facility. He also was ordered to relinquish a computer and any equipment that he used in manufacturing the false documentation. He will also be supervised for three years after his release.

It is unclear what the immigration fate of any individuals who bought the fake green cards may be. Obtaining a green card that was illegally processed can lead to criminal charges for the maker and also the buyer of such green cards. It is vital for anyone in Maryland who is pursuing a green card to understand the legal process and timeline in order to avoid any scams or those who may offer illegal services that can ultimately jeopardize the individual’s status.

Source:, “Man sentenced in Phoenix for green card fraud”, , Aug. 16, 2014

Source:, “Man sentenced in Phoenix for green card fraud”, , Aug. 16, 2014