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Maryland immigrants may want to learn about green card issues

On Behalf of | Sep 23, 2014 | U.S. Immigration Law |

It can be complicated and confusing for families who are living in different countries but wish to be together in the United States. There are very clear and strict laws about who can obtain a green card and venture to live with family in Maryland. There are also unique situations where obtaining a green card as a family is handled more quickly and with greater efficiency. It is important for those who want to a green card to understand which family relationships may help the process and also the timeline for the issuance of a green card.

There is strong encouragement for families to be reunited in the United States, and this is one reason why family-based green cards are available. Preferences are given, dependent on the exact nature of the family relationship between family members. Immediate family — which consist of unmarried children under 21, spouses and parents — may find a green card can be obtained within a year.

One way to speed up the process, especially for family members who may not fall into the immediate category, may be to obtain a temporary visa first while waiting on a family-based green card. There are also unique details about the workings of green card approval for certain relations, such as stepparents and stepchildren. It is important to understand how family distinctions and relations can play a role in the timeline and obtaining of a family green card.

The green card process is a very detailed legal process and is also an important step for families. In Maryland, families may benefit from learning more about how the green card, especially family-based green cards, work in general. Our website has up to date green card information that may prove helpful for those who need more information before pursuing any immigration issue.

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