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It is important to know green card differences

On Behalf of | Nov 25, 2014 | U.S. Immigration Law |

When it comes to getting a green card, not every type of green card is the same, just as not every person waiting for a green card is the same. There are different types and categories, and it is important to understand those differences whenever a potential applicant or an employer wants to obtain one. Anyone in Maryland looking to gain a green card so as to work in this country should find out all they can about which type may be the one for which they are qualified to pursue.

One type of common employment-based green cards is the EB-3. Most workers find that this category suits their line of work. It is accessible for unskilled workers and some professional positions. Immigrants with a few years of work experience may find that the EB-3 is what they may need.

The EB-1 and the EB-2 categories of green cards are relevant for those workers in the fields of science or research. Professors may find that this visa is what they may qualify for also. The category of an EB-4 visa pertains to those who are in government or religious positions.

The immigration process can be complicated and time-consuming for anyone seeking a green card and seeking to work in Maryland or elsewhere. Knowing the facts and what type of visa best fits an individual’s needs is the most efficient way to move forward with the process. Our firm has more information on the types of green cards and a breakdown of the green card process on our website.