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Green card backlog could affect entire family

On Behalf of | Dec 15, 2014 | Family Immigration |

The immigration process can be one that is stressful and overwhelming to deal with for a family. It can takes years for a family to receive legal status. New immigration laws and executive action will assist in the gaining of green cards for many already here. However, one family recently made news as they noted that the wait for a green card and the backlog that exists could result in losing legal status and the ruining of a family business. Any Maryland business owners concerned about green card status may want to follow the story.

The family came to America from France nine years ago. They opened a restaurant that is well known in the area. They were approved for green cards but say it may be another eight years before they actually get the green cards. They were initially given an investment visa and now may be held in limbo.

For the family, leaving the country to visit family across the globe would result in not being able to regain entry. Their plight has moved those who frequent the restaurant, and they have since acted. Over 1,000 people have signed the petition that pleads for the family to be allowed to stay in the United States while they await the green cards.

Families naturally want to stay together. Many Maryland immigrants have worked hard to build a life here and have built businesses vital to local economies. However, immigration laws can be complicated and lead to deportation and denials of visas and a green card, despite years of living and working here. Any immigrant or family member concerned with his or her status may want to ensure that he or she has the latest information and stays up to date on any immigration law changes that may impact his or her unique situation.

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