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It is important to understand deportation facts

On Behalf of | Dec 3, 2014 | U.S. Immigration Law |

For many immigrants and their families, the very word “deportation” may fill them with fear, confusion and stress. For anyone who has family members in Maryland who might possibly be deported under certain circumstances, understanding deportation facts is essential. The immigration laws are evolving and going through changes also, which makes keeping up-to-date even more crucial for those who may potentially face deportation or worry that a loved may be deported.

In order to be deported, someone must have violated immigration laws or have committed a crime that warranted deportation. When deportation is a possibility, the process can be time-consuming and can disrupt a person’s family life and employment. A person may also be held in custody while the case unfolds; however, some people may be released on bond while they await the outcome of a deportation case.

If a person is undocumented entirely, that alone can warrant a move to deport that person. Others may be deported if they have overstayed their visas. A person with a green card may also be targeted for deportation if they have been convicted of certain crimes in this country.

Despite how frightening or upsetting a potential deportation may be, those in Maryland and elsewhere who may be affected should understand that there are legal ways to fight or challenge a deportation. Legal professionals with experience helping those facing deportation will also help those in need understand the latest immigration laws that may impact their particular cases. Our website contains more detailed information about deportation and the legal process that may help someone avoid that deportation.