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Man goes public about possible deportation

On Behalf of | Jan 7, 2015 | U.S. Immigration Law |

The deportation process can be time-consuming and very stressful for the person involved, family, friends and even an employer that has to wait and see if it will lose an employee. There are times when that wait can last for years. Maryland immigrants may have to wait years for a hearing or may even be detained while the deportation process plays out. For one man employed by a radio station, going public with his deportation ordeal and long wait for a resolution has given him some relief from the constant worry.

The man is a program director for the station. He decided to take to the airwaves to explain his situation. He has been waiting for over three years for a resolution to whether he will be deported back to Canada. He now has a court date, so there is an end to the extended waiting period.

The man says he was here with a permanent residential visa. However, he admits to breaking the law early in life, and that put his visa in jeopardy. He had his green card rescinded and is now on what is referred to as parole legal status. He said he considers himself lucky to be waiting without being detained and says the immigration court backlog is why it has taken years for him to get a hearing date.

By going public about his deportation fears and possibility, this man hopes to bring attention to immigration reform in general. With the pace of immigration law changes and reform, anyone in Maryland who is dealing with a deportation issue may want to ensure that he or she stays current on those laws and any possible changes that affect his or her case. Legal professionals who focus on immigration law and dealing with deportation will be able to advise anyone about those changing laws and what reforms may impact his or her case.

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