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It is important to understand employment-based immigration

On Behalf of | Feb 5, 2015 | U.S. Immigration Law |

The role immigrants have played in American society is widely known to be part of the reason the country has had the success and innovative breakthroughs for which it has always been known. One reason this is possible is employment-based immigration. Any professional with exceptional abilities who wishes to inquire about ways to stay in Maryland and contribute to society in some measurable way may want to learn more about the facts of employment-based immigration.

For those who works in science, research or who are professors, there are special types of visas to help expedite the process. Those individuals may be able to obtain a green card for permanent residency. Two types of green cards, EB-1 and EB-2, are especially for those with advanced degrees or unique skills. For those who hope to enter the United States to work in a house of worship or to work for the government, an EB-4 visa may be granted.

In order to pursue residency in this manner, the accomplishments or talents of the applicant must be proved. The government may require evidence that sets one apart from others in his or her field. Some of the qualifications may include whether one has been published, won prestigious awards or is a member of societies that are highly regarded in his or her field.

Being able to live in and contribute to society in Maryland may be a dream come true for immigrants. Anyone interested in employment-based immigration could benefit from learning more about the process and the requirements. Our website offers more information and can be a great starting point for professionals in a number of fields.