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Deportation of brother could affect kidney transplant

On Behalf of | May 5, 2015 | U.S. Immigration Law |

The deportation process can impact families in a wide varieties of ways. In one unique case, a woman’s kidney transplant may hinge on whether or not her brother gets deported. A guilty plea to a burglary charge opened the door to deportation for the man, as it can also lead to the deportation of any Maryland family member looking to stay with legal family members in the United States.

The woman in need of a kidney is 23 years old. Her 27-year-old brother is a match but is currently in custody. He could be deported back to Mexico if the courts decide to do so.

There is a claim that the man was told he would be out of custody sooner so as to give his sister a kidney if he pleaded guilty to the burglary charge. The family filed an appeal and is awaiting a decision. They hope to get a stay of the deportation order that would allow the brother to give his sister a kidney. A ruling is expected soon.

Deportation can be difficult for families to navigate, as some members may be sent back to a country of origin while other members can remain in the country. While there are many reasons a person may face deportation from Maryland, there are just as many strategies to fight deportation and save a family member from removal from the United States. A skilled legal representative who stays abreast of the ever-changing scope of immigration law can help a family navigate the process and understand the chances of being granted a stay or fighting deportation altogether.

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