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The path to citizenship can be disrupted for some in Maryland

On Behalf of | May 13, 2015 | U.S. Immigration Law |

Gaining citizenship in the United States is a life-long dream for many immigrants in Maryland. That path to citizenship can also be time consuming and complicated. In order to ensure some semblance of order and predictability when applying to become a citizen, it is important to understand what complications can arise and what obstacles could stand in the way of that path.

An application can be denied for a wide variety of reasons. One reason Citizenship and Immigration Services may deny an application is if the immigrant seeking citizenship has obtained a green card illegally. Any evidence proving that a person made false claims about already being a citizen can also put an application in danger of denial.

There are other actions which may complicate the matter. Monetary problems can factor into the process and may lead to a denial of an application. These monetary factors can include failing to pay taxes and defaulting on student loans, among other financial discrepancies.

If someone is pursuing citizenship and feels there may be factors that could impact an application negatively or lead to an outright denial, that person may be best helped by consulting with an immigration attorney. An attorney experienced in handling citizenship issues in Maryland can help assess the chances of approval and the discuss the options for overcoming any obstacles that may present themselves when the process unfolds. Our website provides more information about the citizenship process and the kinds of complications that may be encountered along the way.