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Employment-based immigration can depend on job field

On Behalf of | Jun 2, 2015 | U.S. Immigration Law |

The longing to move to this country and contribute is a dream shared by many. For those in certain professional fields, employment-based immigration may be one way to contribute to society while staying in the United States. The professional fields prevalent in Maryland make it the ideal place for those wishing to live and work here on a long-term basis, especially if they are involved in the medical field.

Medical professionals provide immeasurable contributions to the area. There are special exemptions and waivers available for those in the medical field. The medical professionals who qualify include more than just doctors. Those who are nurses, physical therapists and pharmacists are in demand and can pursue certain special immigration statuses and visas.

Hospitals and health care institutions work to find employment opportunities for health professionals from all over the world. These establishments also need legal support as they seek help from immigrants and entice these respected professionals to work for them here in the United States. There are specific requirements that must be met on the part of the professionals and the institution with which they wish to work.

Knowing the basics of immigration law is one thing, but understanding the unique provisions and opportunities afforded to medical personnel from all over the world is another. Medical professionals wishing to work and live in Maryland or employers that wish to bring these professionals to Maryland may need legal guidance and support throughout the entire process. Our website has more information about how employment-based immigration works, particularly how it applies to the medical profession.