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Facts about deportation for those concerned in Maryland

On Behalf of | Jul 1, 2015 | U.S. Immigration Law |

The mere thought of deportation can be extremely frightening for individuals and families as a whole. When Maryland families and individuals understand the facts about deportation and when it might be a possibility, some of that fear dissipates. Our firm can clear up deportation concerns and help those at risk of deportation understand the process and how deportation may be fought in certain cases.

There are many reasons a person may face deportation. Being in this country illegally can be prime reason deportation can be handed down to an individual. Also, those with visas can be deported. If a visa holder violated the terms of that visa or overstayed a visit to the United States, deportation can be a possibility.

If deportation is on the table, there are steps that can be taken to keep a loved one here. First of all, legal representation can help get that person released from custody while the case unfolds. Certain factors may play a role if release is to be granted. Those factors can include whether or not the person is a flight risk or a danger to society; the connections the person has to the community can also play a part.

Each case can be vastly different than any other faced by individuals and families in Maryland. This is why individual attention is needed when deportation is a possibility, regardless whether the reason is common or one that is rarely on the table. Our website has more information about deportation in general and how having an immigration attorney present can help families and individuals deal with a possible deportation.