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Woman faces deportation after incident at doctor office

On Behalf of | Sep 15, 2015 | U.S. Immigration Law |

There are very clear laws surrounding the sharing of information that patients provide to medical professionals. This sharing of information may play a role in whether or not deportation can be pursued against a woman. Maryland medical professionals and patients alike may want to consider the potential ramifications of handing over a false form of identification as seems to the case with one woman who was arrested at her doctor’s office recently.

The case involves a woman who was waiting to see a gynecologist at a clinic she had been to before. As she waited for the routine exam, she was asked to provide an ID so the staff could update her file. She handed over what is alleged to be a false driver’s license. The staff called her back to an exam room, and authorities arrived at the office and placed the woman under arrest.

She has been detained, and deportation is a distinct possibility in her case. The woman had a valid visa years ago, but she overstayed the visa by 12 years. She was also charged with a felony for having a fake Social Security card in her purse. Even though she had a doctor/patient relationship with the clinic, there is some question as to whether the staff at the clinic should have called authorities or if they had the right to share her information with those authorities. If convicted of the felony, she may be deported back to Mexico regardless.

The setting and nature of the arrest may play a role in how a case such as this is handled in Maryland. There are individual situations where the nature of how an arrest unfolds makes deportation less likely. It is important to realize that despite how or why deportation is a possibility for anyone, there are legal measures that can be taken to delay or fight that deportation.

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