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ICE releases some detainees with ankle monitors

On Behalf of | Nov 20, 2015 | U.S. Immigration Law |

In a previous post we wrote about concerns pro-immigrant organizations have regarding the detention centers where immigrants targeted for deportation must stay. Specifically those organizations were concerned about how the facilities are maintained and the fact that Immigration and Customs Enforcement self-regulates and self-audits the facilities. Some of the immigrants housed in those detention centers are children and their mothers who left their home countries in Central America, seeking asylum in the United States. 

ICE is currently looking into other ways to monitor these individuals without keeping them in detention centers. One approach being tried is to release them with electronic monitors. The monitors need to be kept charged and worn all of the time. In addition, those wearing them must regularly check in with compliance officers and appear at court proceedings, or face serious consequences. Since July, close to 3,000 women who are immigrants have been released from detention centers with ankle monitors.

While in theory this may seem like a good solution, those fitted with the device are conflicted about their use. In addition to being uncomfortable, at least one woman indicated the monitor—similar to what criminals are equipped with in certain situations—makes her feel as though she is a criminal as well.

Others take issue with the company contracted to administer the program. GEO Care currently runs a total of 15 ICE detention centers in states located throughout the nation.

Being released with monitors does not mean the immigrants will be able to stay in the U.S. indefinitely. Because they still face deportation proceedings it is important to take steps to fight it. An immigration lawyer can be of assistance in these matters.