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Immigration and Social Security benefits

On Behalf of | Jul 27, 2016 | U.S. Immigration Law |


While many immigrate to the United States when they are young, there are also a large number of immigrants who seek citizenship after age 65. Many who make their homes in Massachusetts may be interested in whether or not they are eligible for Social Security benefits. A recent article describes the rules that apply to a United States immigrant who wishes to obtain retirement benefits from the federal system.

According to the article, it is possible to collect Social Security in the United States as an immigrant. In some cases, immigrants may even qualify to receive benefits from both their home country and the U.S. In order to qualify for Social Security retirement benefits, a worker typically needs to have 40 U.S. work credits. However, after arriving in the United States, a person who is able to work for a year and a half and earn $1,260 every three months may be eligible to receive a prorated amount of benefits.


The benefits that a person can receive also depends upon a Totalization Agreement. This agreement is made between countries that have similar social retirement programs. Currently, the U.S. has established these agreements with 25 countries throughout the world.

Immigrating to the United States later in life can be complex, but there are many ways that a person can ensure they receive retirement compensation. Those in Massachusetts seeking Social Security benefits could benefit from discussing their unique situations with an immigration attorney. An attorney who is experienced in this area of law will have the ability to evaluate a client’s case and discuss potential legal paths that can ensure the best financial outcome.