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Some H-1B visas still allow for faster application processing

On Behalf of | Jul 28, 2017 | U.S. Immigration Law |

Prospective visa applicants who are interested in working in Maryland might already be aware of the suspension of premium expedited processing for H-1B visa applications that took place in April. The premium processing, which was suspended by the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services, speeds up processing for H-1B visa applications from several months to 15 days or less.

Premium processing was suspended by the USCIS because there was an overabundance of applications that had not been reviewed. The aim of the suspension is to reduce the backlogged applications and eventually provide a shorter average review time for all applications. The suspension is still in place, and it was projected to last for up to six months starting in April. Nevertheless, some H-1B visa applications might still be granted expedited processing.

Generally, H-1B visas are considered for graduates in the professions of engineering, medicine, mathematics and technology. A maximum of 65,000 of these temporary work visas are granted yearly to employees from other countries, and 20,000 more are granted for visa applicants who have earned an advanced degree in the United States.

While the suspension still holds, the H-1B visa applications that still have the chance for expedited processing include some organizations that sponsor research and educational activities as well as physicians who are part of a waiver program. Citizens of other countries who are interested in applying to work in the United States might consider contacting an immigration lawyer who may be able to provide information about how this particular visa application process works.