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Activists fight to keep immigration law front and center

On Behalf of | Oct 15, 2013 | U.S. Immigration Law |

Civil disobedience has been an effective way to make progress for almost every cause ever taken up by the people. The same rings true for efforts made by those pursuing immigration law reform. Recently, a mass gathering showed that Maryland immigrants and those from elsewhere in the country are seeing civil disobedience as a way to keep the government focused on the issue of immigration reform.

There was recently a rally that took place at the United States capitol at the National Mall. That rally proved effective at garnering national attention. The activists involved in the incident have promised an increase in such rallies as a way to keep immigration reform from getting lost in the shuffle as the U.S. government contends with countless other issues.

The group supporting national sweeping immigration reform believes issues such as deportations that break up families and lack of paths to citizenship need to be addressed. They believe more pressure from the outside will help push immigration reform through. At the recent rally in Washington, D.C., they were joined by several lawmakers, eight congressional members to be exact, who were reportedly arrested for taking part.

Immigration law reform in Maryland and all over the nation has sparked a great deal of emotion from all sides. As legislation is hammered out and decided upon, it is vital that any immigrant knows their current status and also how any immigration law reform may affect them directly. Their ability to stay in this country may hinge on being aware of their rights and their current status.

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