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Many skeptical about the DREAM Act

On Behalf of | Feb 3, 2012 | U.S. Immigration Law |

Immigration and immigration reform are hot topics in the news today with many people feeling that the president isn’t handling the issue of immigration reform as he promised.

Since coming into office, the Obama Administration has deported approximately 1.2 million people saying that most of the people removed were criminals. Advocates for immigration reform feel that instead, many families were separated and it caused more harm than good.

The administration is hoping that the DREAM Act, a bill that would provide undocumented students with a direct path into citizenship if they attend or join the military, will help with the immigration issues that plague our nation. According to polls, the DREAM Act has the support of approximately 80 percent of Latinos.

Many students who fall under the DREAM Act are still receiving deportation orders and because of the current immigration law, are being deported. Advocates feel that the president has the executive power to make sure that this doesn’t happen to these young people and feel he isn’t doing enough. On the other hand, people are skeptical of the DREAM Act and feel that something needs to be changed or the program revamped.

The immigration process is a complex issue whether you are looking to move to the United States or you are looking to establish permanent residency of citizenship. You need to work with an attorney that is experienced in immigration law. They understand the complexities and will work with you to understand your goals and come up with an appropriate strategy for your situation. Your attorney could become your advocate and will keep you informed of everything involved in the process.

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