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New app may help those seeking U.S. citizenship in Maryland

On Behalf of | Jul 26, 2013 | U.S. Immigration Law |

Yes, there’s an app for that. This phrase seems to be everywhere as more and more people adopt a mobile lifestyle and rely on their smart phones for knowledge and answers with the swipe of a finger. For those who are in Maryland and seeking U.S. citizenship, their smart phones and a new app may help make the path a little easier.

A new iPhone app has been created with the intention of helping those seeking citizenship streamline and clarify the process. There is also a version compatible with android phones and available through Google Play. The app is called Citizen Works and is reportedly easy to navigate and was launched by a non-profit advocacy group aimed at helping immigrants. 

There are many functions useful with the app. The app can calculate the eligibility of green card holders. It can also help as a tutor for upcoming English and civics tests for becoming a citizen via flashcards. The app also provides a checklist that helps users keep track of documents and paperwork needed related to their status.

While the process and path to U.S. citizenship is not an easy or necessarily swift one, those in Maryland seeking citizenship may find the app to a useful tool. It is imperative for anyone seeking citizenship to know the process and the documents they need to contend with. While the app for a smart phone may help keep track of the process, it is up each potential citizen to ensure they are fully aware of the laws and changes that may be coming regarding the laws when it comes to citizenship.

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