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Employers are working with workers to guide citizenship

On Behalf of | Aug 23, 2013 | U.S. Immigration Law |

The process of becoming a citizen is certainly not regarded as an easy one or a timely one at the moment. While there is currently legislation waiting to be passed that will help make the pathway to citizenship easier, other entities are helping those looking to become citizens also. Maryland workers who are in need of help or guidance regarding their pathway to citizenship may be interested in what some employers are currently doing around the country.

There are a number of industries who have taken the unique step of helping their workers obtain citizenship by teaming up with immigration advocates to assist workers at their place of employment. The sponsoring or guiding workers from overseas and them helping them obtain citizenship is not uncommon in a number of professional fields; however it was never a commonplace practice for wage earners in lower paid industries until now. Currently, a number of hotels, factories and health clinics are working to provide the assistance for their workers to become legal citizens.

In these industries, it is noted that a number of employees may not take the proper steps toward citizenship for a variety of reasons. Some of those reasons are costs, fear of not being ready to take the tests or even not being educated on the necessary steps. Now, these industries see they are better off helping these employees take the proper legal steps rather than risk losing them and their loyalty.

While employers may be able to help their workers with the process, it is still vital that those seeking citizenship know the proper channels. It is important for Maryland workers educate themselves on the process and also stay current on the possible changes to immigration laws. There are proposed laws that could affect a number of people and it is important for foreign workers to be aware of those up-coming changes.

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