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Groups passionate about immigration law turn up heat

On Behalf of | Apr 1, 2014 | U.S. Immigration Law |

More and more groups are making news and making waves as they become vocal advocates for immigration reform. The topic of immigration law reforms has been on the table for some time and these collective groups and individuals are engaging in movements all around the country as a means of keeping the issue in the forefront of government leaders’ minds. Anyone who may be impacted by immigration law reform in Maryland or elsewhere may want to keep up to date on pending reforms as well as what is happening to make more reform a possibility.

Most recently, a well-known Bishop with the United Methodist Church publicly announced support for representatives and activists who have pleaded with the President to stop many deportations. For her role in a protest, she was arrested along with 40 others. The Bishop also sent a direct letter to the President asking for deportations to cease until reform is accomplished.

In the letter, she acknowledges that the move to pass reforms is in the hands of Congress. However, she stresses the belief that deportations can be halted by the President as a temporary measure. She stresses the belief that deportations create a hardship for families and have impacted the church’s congregation.

Public pleas to end deportations have been making the news as of late. Leaders of all sorts of organizations in Maryland and beyond have broached the topic and plan to continue to do so. Until immigration law reform is tackled by the federal government, anyone who may impacted by deportation may benefit from staying current on the situation and paying close attention to any reform that may come about at any time.

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