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Current status can determine chance of deportation

On Behalf of | Nov 18, 2014 | U.S. Immigration Law |

The immigration process can be confusing for anyone, especially when English is not someone’s first language. Anyone in Maryland who is concerned with immigration law may want to be keenly aware of his or her legal status at all times, and also aware of any family member’s current status. Not being fully aware of a current status or rights and protections under the law can lead to the possibility of the deportation of a loved one.

There are many different scenarios that can lead to a possible deportation. One common scenario is when a visa has run out. It someone has overstayed on his or her visa, that violation can lead to deportation. Also, if someone is completely undocumented, any encounter with law officials or other government authorities can lead to detention and possible deportation.

Anyone who is detained and told that they may face deportation may want to pursue legal options for securing bond. The place and reverence a person holds in the community may help those who want to pursue legal action to stave off the possibility of deportation. Being deported doesn’t just affect the person who has to return to his or her home country; it also has an impact on the family that person leaves behind.

Our firm understands the complexities and the implications of the deportation process. Immigration law is an evolving area where rules and regulations can change quickly and without much warning. Our site always has up-to-date information for Maryland families that may be dealing with deportation issues or that simply seek more information about immigration law in general.