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Factors that may derail the pathway to citizenship

On Behalf of | Dec 9, 2014 | U.S. Immigration Law |

For any immigrant, the pathway to citizenship may be a time-consuming and complicated path. There are clear-cut laws and regulations that outline the process, and there is also discretion of the Citizenship and Immigration Services to approve or deny naturalization for an immigrant seeking that distinction. For anyone in Maryland who is currently or thinking about seeking naturalization in the future, it is important to understand certain factors that may derail those attempts and lead to a denial of citizenship.

Committing crimes is one factor. If you are convicted of illegally gaining access to a green card, you may not be granted to the opportunity to become a citizen. Fraud can also lead to a denial. One form of fraud that will set back plans to be naturalized is the act of falsely claiming to be a citizen already.

Certain financial mistakes can also affect the pathway to citizenship. Defaulting on loans, such as student loans, is a very negative blemish on one’s record if he or she seeks naturalization. Failure to pay taxes will also negatively impact that journey, as will failure to show the necessary knowledge about U.S. history and the structure of our government.

While there are many reasons why someone may or may not be able to successfully seek citizenship, these mistakes will most certainly delay or completely ruin the quest for an immigrant. Because the process in itself can prove complicated for a Maryland immigrant to understand, our website provides more in-depth information. With help from a knowledgeable professional, the pathway to citizenship may be smoother and possibly quicker.