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Family-based green card option can help Maryland families unite

On Behalf of | Jan 21, 2015 | Family Immigration |

Family relationships are important across virtually every culture of the world. When family members migrate to the United States, those family members may wish to have other family join them here and go through the immigration process, so as to be reunited in this country. For many Maryland families, a family-based green card may be the best way to reunite and venture toward the pathway to citizenship.

Obtaining a family-based green card can be a varied process, depending on the exact nature of the relations. For certain relations, the process of getting a green card may only take about one year. That kind of timeline typically applies to immediate family members such as parents, spouses or children under 21 who are unmarried.

This isn’t to say that other relatives can’t obtain a green card. Other family members such as siblings and adult and married children of citizens may also be able to obtain a green card. It is also noted that one’s country of origin can shed some light on the length of time the process may take. If a family member is trying to come here from Mexico, Philippines, India or China, he or she may face longer wait times.

The green card process can be overwhelming and complicated, depending on the exact circumstances. Because of potential complications and ever-evolving immigration policies, it is beneficial to get sound and current legal advice on all matters pertaining to green cards in general. Our website has more information for any Maryland families who may be interested in pursuing or learning more about the family green card process.