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Document deadline leads to expired green card and detention

On Behalf of | Feb 17, 2015 | Family Immigration |

The immigration process entails a great deal of paperwork and deadlines. Any kind of deadline or paperwork mishap can hinder the process and lead to an immigration nightmare. Confusion over a document deadline has led to a green card mishap which might cause a detained mother of five to be deported. Anyone in Maryland who is unclear about deadlines or when to file certain paperwork related to a green card may benefit from understanding the requirements before any adverse effects occur.

The couple affected were married in 2008 and have five children. The couple flew from Russia to Tijuana, Mexico, with plans to drive back home to the United States. As they tried to enter the United States, the wife was detained for having an expired green card and is now being held in detention while she faces a possible deportation back to Russia.

The couple claim that the green card expired and that an extension was filed. They were able to rely on the extension paperwork to renter the United States previously. The couple moved at one point and the change of address is reported to be the reason why the woman did not receive a notice about a new hearing she was required to attend. The paperwork mishap can be addressed once she is deported, and she can then request a permanent green card.

The turmoil of the threat of deportation over a green card issue threatens to upend this particular family’s entire life. The process to gain a permanent green card so the mother can stay in the United States legally may be one that is time consuming and difficult to understand. Anyone in Maryland who is dealing with a similar issue concerning green card deadlines or extensions may benefit from relying on knowledgeable legal assistance to navigate the process and ensure a fair resolution is obtained.

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