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Maryland folks may want to know ways to fight deportation

On Behalf of | Mar 3, 2015 | U.S. Immigration Law |

The thought or threat of deportation can be a cause of much stress and anxiety for individuals. If individuals or families in Maryland are worried about a possible deportation, it may be helpful to understand the options and ways to fight deportation. There are ways legal counsel can help a person prepare for the process and help fight to stay in the country, and at least be free from detainment while a deportation case unfolds.

A person who may possibly be deported may be able to be released on bond. There may be certain conditions under which release can be applicable. One factor that may be important is that person’s connections to the community. Another factor that may weigh into whether a person may be free until a deportation hearing may be an assessment of that person’s flight risk.

The first step when fighting a deportation is to have a knowledgeable professional review the reasons the deportation may be justifiable. Certain steps can be pursued to successfully fight the deportation after a review of the situation. One possible step is to apply for asylum. This can allow for a person slated for deportation to stay in the country.

While the possibility of deportation may upend lives, it isn’t an absolute given, as everyone has certain rights and protections. Knowing the options and what kind of strategies may be applicable to fight a deportation can help Maryland families feel informed and in control of the situation. Our website offers more in-depth options and details about deportation in general and the ways in which a person may be able to fight such action.