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Family immigration can be complex for Maryland families

On Behalf of | Jul 28, 2015 | Family Immigration |

Family-based green cards are a great way for families to reunite. For family members in Maryland who wish to be reunited with other family members, pursuing options for a green card based on family relationships may be the best option. As with every area of immigration law, there are certain provisions and stipulations that can affect the process and its chances for successfully reuniting family members through the family immigration process.

The nature of the family relationship will affect the time frame for getting a family-based green card. If the relationship is between spouses or children under the age of 21 and their parents, the process can take less than a year. The process under those circumstances is relatively smooth for most involved.

If the family relations are more remote, such as siblings, the time for the approval for a family-based green card can be longer. Adult and married children of U.S. citizens may also have to wait longer. If a loved one is coming from certain countries with a high volume of immigration, the wait may be longer yet.

There is no way to predict the exact timeframe or easiness of the approval process for a Maryland family as each situation is unique. However, when it comes to matters of family immigration, the more accurate information a family has, the less likely there will be any surprises or unexpected delays. Our firm’s website has more information about the details of family immigration and how the process may unfold for your family.