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Employment-based immigration can be complex

On Behalf of | Aug 18, 2015 | U.S. Immigration Law |

The want and desire to come to the United States to work and share research has always been great. But, that process can be confusing for some as employment-based immigration involves different types of green cards based on the type of employment for which one coming to Maryland is looking. It is important to know the different types and which one is appropriate for your career so as to ensure a smooth and timely pursuit of gaining the right green card.

The most common type of employment-based green card is an EB-3. This is for certain professionals and other workers. Certain groups may be taken under special consideration, including those who work in the medical field.

The EB-3 is not the only option for those looking to live and work in the United States. Professionals such as researchers, scientists and professors may be considered for an EB-1 or an EB-2 visa. There are also special work visas for those who hold government positions or religious professions.

The best course of action when pursuing a visa for work or career purposes is to best understand the employment-based immigration process, types of visas and time lines for obtaining one. However, it should be known that each case may present unique challenges or have a varying time line for approval of the visa. Our website has helpful information relevant for those who wish to come to Maryland to work and for those already here who want to continue to stay and work and learn from like-minded professionals in the Maryland area or in the United States in general.