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Woman forced into indentured servitude fights system

On Behalf of | Oct 30, 2015 | U.S. Immigration Law |

There are many ways in which an immigrant might come to the United States. One of them is for employment via a work visa. Unfortunately, things do not always go as planned. This is illustrated in the plight of one woman from Jamaica.

Because the woman hoped that she would be able to get a job in the U.S., she went into debt to be able to afford a work visa. Once here however, things did not go as planned. She was forced into indentured servitude and defrauded. She has even been told she would be deported.

Though the woman was paid a small amount from the sporadic cleansing shift she secured via a subcontractor called Mister Clean, that amount was depleted even more when exorbitant fees were taken from her paychecks. Because her H2-B visa was tied to the cleaning company she worked for, she could not leave. Instead she was force to live with many other immigrants.

To try to remedy her situation the woman applied for a U-visa. This type of visa applies specifically to immigrants who while in the country are victimized and suffered substantial mental or physical abuse as a result. Immigration officials did not believe that the woman provided evidence that supported this contention. It is not clear what led them to this conclusion.

As she tries to get the matter cleared up she is working to change the way such matters here are handled.

Whenever an immigration matter is working its way through the system it is wise to have a lawyer on your side.