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Fees for performing artists’ visas to rise

On Behalf of | Nov 2, 2016 | U.S. Immigration Law |

Maryland companies that work with performing artists from other countries may be interested to learn that the cost of visa applications for those artists is set to rise in December 2016. The amount will go up to $460 from $325 per person. This represents a 42 percent increase and applies to DJs as well as musicians and other artists. Some people argue that in an already complex system, this will create an additional burden on artists.

According to one person who works in the industry, the increase in fees could create a burden for some lesser-known artists and emerging talent. Furthermore, performing artists already struggle with visa laws. According to him, the process is unpredictable and subject to delays. This results in some events being canceled or postponed at the last minute. The artists may have already paid for plane tickets and other expenses. Clubs where the artists are set to perform lose money as well.

According to the talent buyer, although his business can absorb these losses, others cannot. In many ways, the difficulty and unpredictability of the process is as much an obstacle as the fees.

As this story demonstrates, immigration rules and regulations often change. It is also complex, and in some cases, it can be helpful to work with an attorney who is able to stay abreast of these changes and complexities. In addition to visas for performing artists, people may need visas for other reasons such as accompanying a spouse who is working or studying in the United States, to work temporarily, or to attend college.